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Poll: Georgia’s top statewide races are all tied up

According to a SurveyUSA poll commissioned by 11Alive, the gubernatorial and U.S. senate races are tied within a point. What's more interesting is how several down-ticket contests also are tightening.

Newt complains of smear campaign

Guess who's also stunned by Newt Gingrich's rise to the top of the GOP Presidential polls? Newt himself. He recently spoke to Newsweek about what it describes in the headline as his "stunning" comeback.

Newt is crushing Mitt

With Herman Cain's campaign, um, suspended, the race for the GOP nomination increasingly looks like it's down to three men: Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and the old Mitt Romney who is on videotape disagreeing with every major position espoused by the current Mitt Romney.

Harassment scandal eroding Cain’s support

One week into the Herman Cain sexual harassment scandal story, Cain's popularity among Republicans is finally starting to take a hit. A Reuters/Ipso poll conducted over the weekend shows a 9 percent drop in Cain's favorability ratings among Republicans.

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