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In Juliette, Georgia, an anagama-style kiln draws a crowd every spring

In Juliette, Georgia, an anagama-style kiln draws a crowd every spring

This past March, the artists gathered at the Juliette home of ceramist Roger Jamison had trekked not only from across Georgia, but from Kentucky and the Carolinas as well. Many have made the journey every year since 2001 to participate in this rite of spring, occasionally staying as houseguests or camping in tents on Jamison’s property.
Tripti Yoganathan

Tripti Yoganathan’s teapots combine beauty and utility

Tripti Yoganathan has exhibited her work at shows dedicated exclusively to teapots, as well as at national events like the American Craft Council series and, this past spring, the Smithsonian Craft Show.

Ask the Expert: An award-winning potter shares his passion for Mississippi’s ceramics scene

Award-winning potter Matt Long is a professor of art at the University of Mississippi and presents ceramics workshops internationally. His functional pieces have appeared in publications such as Ceramics Monthly.
East Fork Pottery Atlanta

First Look: East Fork pottery opens its first location outside of Asheville in Atlanta’s Westside Provisions

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at recreating a Bacchanalia-style meal at home, you can be one step closer thanks to the opening of East Fork in Westside Provisions District. It’s the pottery brand’s first outside its hometown of Asheville, North Carolina.

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