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Square Feet Studio

The firm Vivian Bencich founded with her husband John in 2001, Square Feet Studio, won first place in Contract magazine’s 2016 Inspiration Awards for work on Staplehouse. It was the first national honor for the growing firm of 11, whose portfolio ranges from the industrial sophistication of departed Abattoir to cozy Kimball House and a colorful, rambunctious Mellow Mushroom in Decatur.

We might have found Atlanta’s best biscuit, and it’s at 8ARM

For Southerners, the humble biscuit is a foodstuff as hotly debated as barbecue or fried chicken. Ask someone where to get a good biscuit in the Atlanta, and you'll get recommendations with passionate proclamations on the benefits of lard, shortening, or butter. Let me make things easy for you—just go to 8ARM.
Strawberry preserves

Technique: Preserving Place’s Martha McMillin on her award-winning strawberry preserves

A jar full of glistening homemade preserves makes a year-round prized treat, whether smeared on a hot biscuit, dolloped onto goat cheese, or draped over ice cream. Here, Preserving Place’s Martha McMillin explains how to make her award-winning recipe.
Golda Kombucha

Try this: Golda Kombucha

Melanie Wade launched Golda Kombucha in August 2013 in a shared kitchen in Roswell. The oak barrel–aged beverage comes in a variety of flavors, including strawberry mint; pineapple basil; and peach ginger, a summer favorite.

Cocktails for Community this Saturday showcases some of Atlanta’s star bartenders

Booze followers should know that a sizable chunk of Atlanta’s mixological talent will be in one place this Saturday— Love is Love Farm at Gaia Gardens in Decatur—crafting drinks for charity.

5 Atlanta shops for great gifts

These five shops are best bets when you’re under pressure to dole out holiday “thoughts” to hosts, coworkers, and neighbors.

Barley + Rye: Making bitters with Melissa Hayes of LEON’s

If you’re familiar with the average craft cocktail menu, you’ve certainly seen the word “bitter” in a list of ingredients. Maybe you recognize popular brands like Angostura or Peychaud’s. You might even own some, following the recipe of your favorite drink. But do you really know what a bitter is? Or that you—you!—can make your very own?

New on the Scene

From the Westside to Lilburn, new restaurants, juiceries, and canning spots abound. Here's what's new:

Lawyer-turned-canner to open Preserving Place on the Westside

Shortly after Cardamom Hill’s Asha Gomez opened the Third Space in Studioplex, another cooking class space is set to open late this summer—this one in the Westside Provisions District. Called Preserving Place, it will be fashioned in the style of traditional general stores and function as both a place Atlantans can purchase canned and fermented goods like chutneys, relishes, and jams, as well as learn how to make baby food, cheese, jam, fermented food, relish, and more.

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