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Hoop houses

Local arugula in the winter? Thank a hoop house.

Ever wonder how locally grown spring produce like arugula and turnips ends up in winter markets? We owe that bounty to the hoop house.
Local Roots

App alert: Local Roots creates a virtual produce market

Up to your elbows in zucchini? Atlanta-based iPhone app Local Roots has a solution for home gardeners with an overabundant harvest on their hands.

Atlanta Harvest hopes to create farms inside the perimeter

Created by Georgia Tech alumnus Corbin Klett and Emory University alumnus Bethaney Herrington, Atlanta Harvest is an organization focused on increasing consumer access to local, organic produce in the metro Atlanta area. To support local agriculture and economy, they are raising money to build farms in impoverished neighborhoods inside the perimeter.

PodPonics sets sights high

Vertical farming was a hot agricultural topic before the recession. What better way to provide produce to an urban society than to grow it out of specially commissioned skyscrapers? Then economic realities set in. Enter Atlanta-based PodPonics.

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