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Zayden Skipper

My Style: Fashion designer Zayden Skipper

Now on the world stage as a Project Runway contestant, he’s set on building a global fashion brand here in Atlanta.
Mychael Knight death

Remembering Mychael Knight: “Atlanta is the city that has always nurtured me”

Atlanta fashion designer and Project Runway finalist Mychael Knight died on October 17 at age 39. In his final interview with Atlanta magazine, he talked about the state of reality TV and what Atlanta meant to him.

Designer Zac Posen shares his inspiration for those new sleek (and purple!) Delta uniforms

Posen's new collection for Delta Airlines harks back to the glamour of the golden age of flying, adding high-tech fabrics and fine detailing. But the big surprise? The introduction of the color "passport plum," which was widely received by employees as a fresh change.

Reality Roundup: Project Runway

Some made it work. Others didn’t. Catch up with four Project Runway alums with ties to our corner of the South. The eighth season debuted this summer with ninety-minute episodes and Savannah contestant April Johnston.

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