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AlcoHall Pullman Yards

Move over food halls; AlcoHall is coming to Pullman Yards

Owners Adam Rosenfelt and Maureen Meulen recently announced plans for AlcoHall, an aptly named, first-to-Atlanta drinkery. Initially, it will house seven stalls, each pouring a distinct type of alcohol, from Japanese whisky to South African wine.
Among Atlanta's abundance of holiday bars, we found a hidden, old-school holiday speakeasy

We found a hidden holiday speakeasy among Atlanta’s abundance of festive pop-up bars

Secret Santa ATL (also known as “Loose Lips”), a speakeasy hidden in a warehouse deep within Pullman Yards in Kirkwood. The brainchild of beverage director Marian Chism, the concept started as an off-handed comment she made to property owner Adam Rosenfelt. “I jokingly said, ‘You know, I could throw a speakeasy up in the tunnels and people would come.’”
Best of Atlanta 2022: What to Do

Best of Atlanta 2022: Do

Our 2022 Best of Atlanta picks for things to do—here's where you can play outside, take in art, nerd out, listen to music, roller skate, and more.
What you need to know about the Queen’s Ball: a Bridgerton Experience in Atlanta

What you need to know about the Queen’s Ball: a Bridgerton Experience in Atlanta

An immersive experience, the Queen’s Ball: a Bridgerton Experience (open in Atlanta through September 18) is a mishmash of Instagramable photo ops, museum-style costume viewing, character parades, line dancing, and branded gift shops. But be prepared to don your best dress—sparkly, flowing gowns and tuxedos are the norm here.
Homage Atlanta

Former St. Cecilia and Ecco chef to open Homage, a Spanish tapas restaurant

Chef Chris Hughes plans to open Homage, an intimate Spanish tapas restaurant, in a former laundry service building on Rogers Street near the train tracks.

What to know before you go to Imagine Picasso at Pullman Yards

Imagine Picasso is not your typical museum exhibit. The main attraction is 10,000 square feet full of projection screens set at different angles. A 33-minute loop of both color and black and white images plays—on the walls, on the ground, and on various shaped screens guests can walk under.

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