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What you can get for $500,000 in (and around) Atlanta

Potential homebuyers may know that a $500,000 budget makes for one of the most popular, competitive price points in Atlanta’s current—but shifting—real estate market. We scoped out three juicy options right now, from a shotgun in the hot Old Fourth Ward to a quaint, modern cottage in Woodstock.
Charlie Harper Paradise Baptist Church

Atlanta’s churches are now hot real estate property, creating opportunity and dilemmas

As land values skyrocket, Atlanta churches are falling for development left and right. But is cashing in and moving on really a sin?
Atlanta housing market August 2022

Atlanta’s real estate market is slowing, but prices are still sky-high: Here’s the climate for buyers and sellers

After a two-year pandemic boom that saw metro Atlanta homebuyers tripping over themselves to line the pockets of sellers, rising interest rates are finally pumping the brakes on the frenzy—more than a typical end-of-summer slowdown. As the market cools off but rates rise, what does a slower climate mean for you if you’re looking to buy or sell?

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