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Why Reality TV Is the New Pro Wrestling

Have you ever considered the uncanny similarities between the divas of reality TV and the stars of professional wrestling? Think about it. The manufactured rivalries and fistfights? The outlandish costumes? The unbridled egos, the double-crossed friendships, the sexual intrigue? We prove our point:

Lifetime’s new reality series stars Swank’s owner (sorta)

Every show needs a queen bee. Evidently, Emily Dees Boulden wears that crown on Lifetime's new mommy-centric reality series, "Pretty Wicked Moms."

Five questions for reality TV’s Mariah Huq

Jonesboro resident Mariah Huq was being courted as a “Real Housewife” when producers decided the former Chattanooga TV host had the personality to carry a show, and built one around an idea she pitched.

Top Chef 9.12 recap: The brutality of chicken salad and bees

I think the time has come for a fashion intervention for the lovely host and judge of "Top Chef: Texas," Padma Lakshmi. Let’s all pull up a chair in a comforting circle and tell her how her belted gray jumpsuit from last week made us sad, and how this week she made things worse in what looked like one of Emeril Lagasse’s fat-day flannels, cut off at the sleeves and belted at the waist and with no pants. And Padma, I’m concerned—where is your butt? You turned around in a tiny romper and your posterior seemed to have skipped town. No, please don’t make excuses in that affectless, Hannibal Lecter voice of yours. I’m trying to help you.

Five Minutes with Dolvett Quince

Dolvett Quince hasn’t exactly been toiling in obscurity; he’s trained stars like Boris Kodjoe and Justin Bieber. But now the longtime Atlanta trainer is helping America get fit, as the newest cast member on NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

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