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In a new cookbook, an Atlanta author shares classic spice blends from across India—including this decadent chai lassi recipe

This chai rabdi lassi pays homage to rich historical and culinary traditions. It embraces the regional love of cream, and the spiced black chai is a nod to its struggle for freedom against colonial rule.

Recipe: James Beard Award winner Dolester Miles’s famous coconut cake

Dolester Miles grew up in Bessemer, Alabama, making Southern layer cakes with her mother and aunt using only a hand mixer. Today, Miles is one of America's best bakers.
Lucy Buffett, LuLu's

Recipe: Lucy Buffett’s Summer Seafood Gumbo

A featured specialty at Lucy Buffett's restaurants.

In season: Asha Gomez’s fig molasses upside down cake

Asha Gomez shares her fig molasses upside down cake recipe as the fall fruit's season peaks.

Market Specials: A new recipe series

If you’ve ever been to a farmers market, you’ve certainly heard some variation on the following dialogue:Customer to vendor: “That’s pretty/unusual/compellingly bizarre-looking. What is it?” Vendor: “That’s a Hakurei turnip/black Spanish radish/Hubbard squash. It’s delicious!” Customer: “What do you do with it?”

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