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Star Provisions cookies

How to make Star Provisions shortbread cookies

This time of year, shortbread cookies at Star Provisions come dressed for the season—as snowflakes, Christmas trees, and whatever else pastry chef Zibaa Sammander might dream up for this versatile, durable dough.
Gran Marnier Cake

Mamie Simone’s Orange and Grand Marnier Cake

At 92 years old, my grandmother Mamie Simone is still a force in the kitchen, particularly when it comes to her tangy Grand Marnier glaze cake. Ultra moist and perfect for winter, this cake is surprisingly easy to make—and even easier to consume in one sitting if you aren’t careful.
Vanilla bourbon bread pudding

The Pinewood’s vanilla-bourbon bread pudding

Atlanta local Kate Parham Kordsmeier tracked down these recipes and many more from other top kitchens in her new book, Atlanta Chef's Table: Extraordinary Recipes from the Big Peach. For this holiday-appropriate recipe, Kordsmeier looked to the Pinewood in Decatur for their vanilla-bourbon bread pudding. Top with vanilla-bean ice cream or, as the recipe suggests, use the leftovers the next morning for French toast draped with caramelized-spiced apples.
apple pie

Mini Apple Pies

From Icing Cake Design & Sweets Boutique in Avondale Estates come these little streusel-topped pies perfect for any upcoming holiday parties. For easy serving (no prying out of pans), use disposable bake molds (2 3/8-inch), which are sold at Cake Art and online.
How to make perfect pie crust little tart bakery

Technique: Little Tart Bakeshop’s Sarah O’Brien on making perfect pie crusts

Sarah O’Brien uses a standard recipe for making her irresistibly flaky crusts. So how come hers taste so much better than ours? “It’s all about the little things,” she says.

Poached Georgia peaches with honey and mint syrup

After spending most of this summer in France, I’m finally back—and glad to see that Georgia peaches are still in season. A fresh peach is one of the season’s sweetest snacks, but if you’re looking for dessert inspiration, here’s a satisfying recipe that comes together with little effort.

Fresh raspberry mascarpone tart

Hello from Burgundy! I’m writing this recipe after spending yesterday afternoon picking fresh raspberries and blackcurrants with my kids. Summers in France are special to us, a time to relax and take in the beautiful green pastures and, of course, a few glasses of wine from a nearby vineyard. Here’s what came of all those raspberries: a creamy mascarpone tart that comes together in under an hour. Feel free to add blueberries and strawberries.

Charlie Brown Cookies

While driving through the little town of Water Valley, Mississippi, not far from the Ole Miss campus, an adorable, refurbished mercantile caught my eye. I stopped in for what turned out to be a...

Technique: Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Co. owner Kristen Hard on how to temper chocolate

Dip a marshmallow, a pretzel, or even a graham cracker into a bath of melted chocolate, and suddenly, the mundane becomes magical. But here’s the catch: If you’re using fine, unadulterated chocolate—as opposed to artificially flavored coatings fortified with vegetable oils—you must temper it first.

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