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Why you should use every part of the carrot, according to Watershed chef Zeb Stevenson

“Whenever we get [carrots],” says Watershed on Peachtree executive chef Zeb Stevenson, “we milk them for everything they’re worth.”
Guacamole recipe

How to make perfect guacamole, from Superica’s Kevin Maxey

“I always thought I liked my guacamole super limey because that’s how I ate it in Texas,” says Kevin Maxey, chef at Superica. “But since then I have found that it’s just as delicious even when it’s just avocado and salt. It’s all about texture.”
Home Grown GA Fried Green Tomatoes

Technique: How to make Fried Green Tomatoes, from Home Grown GA’s Kevin Clark

It wasn’t until Kevin Clark opened Home Grown GA that he came to like this Southern classic, which can easily turn thin and soggy. What’s his secret?
Twain's Savannah Haseler's Deviled Eggs

Technique: How to make perfect deviled eggs, from Twain’s Savannah Haseler

A perfect deviled egg is hard to get right, says Twain’s executive chef Savannah Haseler. It starts with a properly boiled egg.
Strawberry preserves

Technique: Preserving Place’s Martha McMillin on her award-winning strawberry preserves

A jar full of glistening homemade preserves makes a year-round prized treat, whether smeared on a hot biscuit, dolloped onto goat cheese, or draped over ice cream. Here, Preserving Place’s Martha McMillin explains how to make her award-winning recipe.
Steven Satterfield Oven-roasted parsnip “fries” with spring onions and fennel

Winter: Oven-roasted parsnip “fries,” braised Savoy cabbage with petit rouge peas, and a root and citrus salad

Winter, according to Miller Union’s Steven Satterfield, is a time to celebrate those often-underappreciated vegetables that people pass over in the market. Parsnips, kohlrabi, and even cabbage get the rockstar treatment in this final installment of Market to Table.
Steven Satterfield sweet potato pancakes

Fall: Sweet potato buckwheat pancakes, spaghetti squash with seed broth, and turnips with bacon

In this installment of Market to Table with Steven Satterfield, the head chef of Miller Union and author of Root to Leaf looks to fall’s bounty for hearty vegetables and greens perfect for any upcoming holiday fare.

Chef Jamie Adams’s Insalata Cruda

Il Giallo, a coastal Italian restaurant, will open this month in Sandy Springs with Jamie Adams, former executive chef of the defunct Veni Vidi Vici, running the kitchen. His Insalata Cruda features fall vegetables found in the Piemonte region of Italy, where Adams cooked for several years.

Cheddar-Jalapeno Bites

These tender, cheesy little biscuits are hard to stop eating. My running buddy, Beth Floyd, brought them to a party recently, and when I asked her for the recipe she recited it on the spot. She adapted it from one she got from a cookbook called “Table Talk” compiled by a relative’s bridge club in Macon, Georgia. They're incredibly easy to make and freeze well.

Bacon-wrapped grilled peaches

Hurry, before summer leaves us and the peaches are gone, check out this fun recipe using my latest kitchen gadget, the Basque Plancha. Think of it as a flame-fueled flattop. In Spain, they use it to cook vegetables, meat, and seafood. I’ve ever seen friends make dessert on it. A regular grill works too.

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