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It’s increasingly rare for a marriage to cross party lines. Can such couples offer us hope?

Going into the relationship, Dave and Jessica knew they had their differences. He’s Black, and she’s white. He’s a 50-year-old Gen Xer; she’s a 38-year-old Millennial. But to many people, the difference that’s most surprising isn’t any of these: It’s that he’s a Republican, and she’s a Democrat.

Digital dating: A millennial’s primer

For a generation that grew up with the Internet, online dating has lost the stigma it once had. Today meeting someone on the Internet seems just as common—and no more shameful—as connecting offline.

Sex is quick in Georgia

You want long, romantic sexual encounters? Move to New Mexico. Or West Virginia or Idaho. Georgians don't spend a lot of time doing the deed.

Single in the City

Crunching census data, cost-of-living figures, and quality-of-life metrics, the Daily Beast ranked Atlanta number one on its list of “Best Cities to Find a Date in 2012.” But—with all due respect to statisticians—we turned to the real experts: actual single Atlantans.

Weathered Love

Lary’s in love, and I’ve decided this is a sign of something positive. For one, Lary is a hundred years old, give or take a couple quarter centuries. I met him twenty years ago at, oddly, a church wedding.

A Happy Place

You may know my friend Mike as Michael Alvear, cohost of HBO’s The Sex Inspectors. But to me he is just Mike from way back when we were both foraging for work as writers in Atlanta, before I was ever on The Tonight Show and he was ever starring in a television series of his damn own.

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