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Georgia was slow to spend rent assistance money. The federal government might want some of it back.

Georgia was slow to spend rent assistance money. The federal government might want some of it back.

By September 30, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs had disbursed just 9 percent of the $552 million in Emergency Rental Assistance money allocated by the U.S. Treasury Department, well below the 30 percent threshold federal officials had established to decide which ERA grantees get to keep all their money.
Thoughts of home

How my family’s move to Kirkwood filled the “empty spot” in an elderly widow’s heart

Me and my newlywed husband moved to a Kirkwood home with its owner, the lovely Mrs. Langley, an elderly widow. One day we went out for the night and Mrs. Langley said “I felt a little empty spot after you left.” Thoughts of that “empty spot” stayed with us, and we have referred to it many times—sometimes jokingly but always with love.
Real estate

Rental race: How one family navigated Atlanta’s ultra-competitive market

For a family of four on a budget, finding an affordable home in the desirable eastside neighborhoods wasn’t easy. Units are snatched up quickly, rents are climbing, and for someone not intimately familiar with the many nuances of Atlanta’s intown neighborhoods, sifting through online listings proved to be overwhelming.
Newton High School

One Square Mile: A Newton High understudy gets her turn in the spotlight

As tonight’s rehearsal begins, Nadia sits in the shadows, chin on her prop drumstick as she pantomimes the words being sung onstage. Toward the end of act one, she gets her cue—Maureen’s solo, “Over the Moon.”

Report: Cobb County tops the list of places where the rent is too damn high for poor people

Well, no matter how statisticians choose to quantify the chasm between the country's haves and have-nots; metro Atlanta keeps coming out on top. The latest: an Urban Institute study that shows three metro counties rank in the top 10 for an affordable housing gap.

Georgia ranks No. 8 for ‘severe housing cost burden’

Yes, the rent is too damn high, according to the 2013 "Housing Landscape" report published last week by the Center for Housing Policy. The Center concluded that housing problems are getting worse for working renters, because, while incomes have gone—and stayed—down, rents have gone up —and are still going up.

The rent (in Atlanta) is too damn high

I've read a lot of stories over the past year pointing out that, in several U.S. cities, it is now cheaper to buy a home than it is rent one. Because these sort of statistics are usually generated using city-wide averages, I assumed the "buying is cheaper than renting" condition was true only if you have good enough credit to obtain a mortgage at the lowest rates.

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