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Anh's Kitchen

Review: Anh’s Kitchen serves excellent, authentic Vietnamese in Midtown

Located in an former Starbucks location in Midtown high-rise, Anh’s Kitchen is a sophisticated, intimate concept defined by the authenticity of its ingredient-driven kitchen and its hip sense of design.
Julia Bainbridge

Editor’s Note: Change is Afoot

A few months ago our brilliant young food editor, Evan Mah, left us to join the wine empire of James Suckling. I’m happy to announce that as of early November, Julia Bainbridge is our new food editor.

Fresh on the Scene: Noble Fin, Communion, Storico Fresco, and Hampton + Hudson

Get an early look at four new Atlanta restaurants, including Noble Fin, Storico Fresco, Hampton + Hudson, and Communion.
Restaurant bingo

Artisanal, drinkery, and 24 other dining terms that need to go away

In a business where margins are slim and every dollar counts, restaurateurs can be quick to capitalize on whatever’s trendy, slapping on a few catchphrases to attract customers and justify higher prices for those “artisanal” menu items. So can we please collectively scrub our menus of these words?
Atlanta Restaurant Openings

Atlanta Restaurant Openings

Stay up to date on new restaurants coming to metro Atlanta, when and where they'll open, and what you'll find on the menu.

Why are restaurants so damn loud?

Dining rooms today seem louder than ever, boasting all the acoustics of a shipping container. We turned to local designers for an explanation and determined that the problem is multifaceted, rooted in design trends, dining preferences, and economic conditions.

Fresh on the Scene: The Cockentrice, Made Kitchen and Cocktails, and more

A look at four of the newest restaurants in Atlanta, including The Cockentrice, Made Kitchen and Cocktails, Dish Dive, and Asante.

Desserts: Aria

For 15 years, Kathryn King has shown remarkable confidence and technique in one of Atlanta’s most consistent kitchens.

Sushi Bar: Sushi House Hayakawa

Intimate and jolly, Atsushi Hayakawa’s counter is a magnet for the Japanese community and for true lovers of exquisitely fresh nigiri sushi paired with some of the best sake in town.

Dinner with a Show: Gunshow

For those looking to break from the usual restaurant ritual, Kevin Gillespie’s corner in Glenwood Park is the answer.

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