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13 Must-try doughnut shops in Atlanta

13 Must-try doughnut shops in metro Atlanta

Looking for great doughnut shops in metro Atlanta? Whether you’re craving a classic doughnut with a simple glaze or artisanal treats fit for Instagram, these Atlanta shops know their way around fried dough. Here are 13 to try.
Red Clay Soiree

Community Farmers Markets’ inaugural Red Clay Soirée has an impressive food lineup

Community Farmers Markets—a nonprofit network that likely includes at least one of your favorite Atlanta farmers markets—is hosting its inaugural Red Clay Soirée fundraising gala on Friday, November 10. The event will feature chefs from Kimball House, 8 Arm, the General Muir, Rising Sun, El Super Pan, and other favorite Atlanta restaurants.
Halal Guys

Fresh on the Scene: The Halal Guys, Makimono, Yumbii, and Revolution Doughnuts

New to Atlanta: Manhattan's most famous food cart, sushi rolls at Krog Street Market, a food truck-turned brick-and-mortar restaurant, and a new place to grab an old favorite.

What’s next for Revolution Doughnuts?

Revolution Doughnuts' Maria Moore Riggs discusses hot dog doughnuts, gardening, and the future of the shop.

10 peach dishes you need to try now

Given that our ubiquitous state fruit has made its way onto our license plates and street signs on practically every corner, it should come as no surprise that local chefs are also tinkering with the Georgia peach in a number of creative ways.

Revolution Doughnuts opens on National Doughnut Day, Twitter celebrates

The big news on this past National Doughnut Day in Atlanta was the opening of Revolution Doughnuts in Decatur, right next to the popular craft beer market Ale Yeah!. The venture comes from the folks formerly behind Little Red Hen Bakeshop, the name under which proprietor Maria Riggs had been selling baked goods at area farmers markets and through Farm Burger. The shop boasts admirable ingredients (organic flour, local dairy, bacon crumbles from the Spotted Trotter, fresh fruit) as well as some vegan and gluten free options. Peach fritters, bacon and salted caramel, and blueberry were among the selection available when I dropped in on Friday.

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