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3 favorite Rieslings from Empire State South’s Steven Grubbs

Don’t mistake this complex grape for a sickly sweet, second-class pour.

How do you spot a true wine lover? By how they hold their glass

The grip says it all—how to tell the wine newbies from bon vivants by how they hold their glasses.

High on the Vine: Riesling talk with Steven Grubbs

In this weekly column, Evan Mah asks Atlanta’s sharpest wine minds about all things vino. What’s Karthäuserhof? Eitelsbacher Karthäuserhofberg? Kabinett? If you don’t know, ask Steven Grubbs.On a recent Sunday afternoon at Empire State South, Grubbs is leaning into a booth, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, revealing a dark tattoo sprawling down his arm. The subject of talk is Rieslings, a grape varietal from Germany noted for its high levels of acidity, complexity and warm honey bouquet. And it is clear in this moment that nobody in this city loves this often-misunderstood grape more than he does.

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