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Ashley Rodgers expanded her farming business in an adorable (and tasty) way

Rodgers Greens and Roots expands with a pivot to pigs

In 2022, it was time for Ashley Rodgers of Rodgers Greens and Roots to make a change. She realized that the veggie side of the farming business would take her only so far—diversifying was a necessary next step. “I was just trying to figure out how to keep my business alive,” she says.

Georgia’s farmers have plenty of crops. The problem is who can buy them—and how.

With COVID-19, Georgia farmers—and the organizations designed to support them—have had to rethink nearly every aspect of what they do with their bounty.
Rodgers Greens and Roots Ashley Rodgers

Female farmers are rare in Georgia. Ashley Rodgers wants to change that.

On her Douglasville farm, Rodgers Greens and Roots, Ashley Rodgers is completely in her element, wearing khaki shorts, a baggy t-shirt, rubber boots, and covered in manure.

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