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Le Fat

Fresh on the Scene: American Food and Beverage, Diner, and more

Mini-reviews of four new Atlanta restaurants, including Le Fat, Diner, Gu's Dumplings, and American Food and Beverage

Your essential Twitter and Instagram guide to Atlanta foodies

The essential Twitter and Instagram guide to the best local events, food porn, and stories

Ron Eyester on his Atlantic Station diner called Diner

Now that Timone’s Pizza, which opened in March, is operating smoothly, Morningside chef and restaurateur Ron Eyester is free to focus on his first venture outside of Morningside: a diner called Diner. Located in Atlantic Station in the space formerly home to FOX Sports Grill, 264 19th Street, Diner will take aspects of traditional diners and update them.

The 14 most anticipated restaurants for 2014

With the new year comes new restaurants to watch, new chefs to follow, and new menus to salivate over. As we (impatiently) await opening night, here are the 14 most anticipated restaurants for 2014.

What’s happening at this year’s Taste of Atlanta

Taste of Atlanta is only a couple of weeks away. This year’s food fest, held October 25 through 27 at Tech Square, features samples from more than ninety local restaurants, four stages of cooking demonstrations, a barcraft competition, and a “Taste Revival” kickoff event hosted by Ron Eyester of Rosebud, the Family Dog, and Timone’s.

Field of Greens: Fancier, but still has a heart of gold

Back in the day, Field of Greens was a simple celebration. A farmers market, a fiddler, some lambs to pet, and a stroll across a pretty farm just a few miles from the big city. Nothing fancy, just a good time in the country.

Pizza in the heart of Morningside

Pizza places are often casual, kid-friendly and varied enough to please just about everyone—making them an easy neighborhood hangout. In that vein it makes sense that Ron Eyester, a chef and restaurateur known for Morningside gathering spots Rosebud and the Family Dog, would choose pizza for his next venture, Timone’s.

Ron Eyester to open Timone’s Pizza and a diner called Diner

Ron Eyester, owner and chef at Rosebud and the Family Dog, has big plans for 2013. He intends to open an authentic New York-style pizzeria in Morningside in June—contingent on getting the lease signed this week. He also wants to open a diner, conveniently named Diner, in the old Fox Sports Grill space in Atlantic Station, aiming for a December opening.

Chef talk with Ron Eyester of Rosebud

Not everything makes Ron Eyester angry.Rosebud’s executive chef may have earned the moniker The Angry Chef for calling out annoying customer habits on Twitter and other public forums, but I didn't call to listen to him “keep the landscape realistic,” as he puts it. I had a different question: what was his most memorable and influential dining experience?

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