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7 rosé wines perfect for any summer afternoon

Nothing says summer more than a sweating glass of pink wine. This seasonal "it" drink rarely costs more than $20 per bottle and goes down as easy as water.

Moët & Chandon winemaker talks grower Champagne, glassware, and decanting

It’s unlikely that a region will ever dethrone the bubbly, kingly wines of Champagne, a land indebted to its particularly cool climate and chalky, limestone soil. Last week we sat down to taste rosé Champagne with Elise Losfelt, a sixth-generation winemaker and one of ten for Moët & Chandon.

Summer shades of rosé

Take note: Pink is in. Once associated with sickly-sweet blush wine, rosé is now the drink of summer. Refreshing, bright, and energetic, it’s the balmy alternative when red is too heavy and white is too sweet.

High on the Vine: rosé talk with Perrine Prieur

With one of the largest Rosé selections in the city, Perrine recently sat down to answer a few questions about a wine that doesn’t need food or an occasion to drink.

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