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What are you doing this weekend? December 6 – 8

Apparently ’tis the season of organized strolls—and runs. December’s arrival brings hot cocoa, festive light displays, and organized walks through other people’s homes. And given the crazy weather of the past week, it’s good to know that not all these events are outdoors.

8. Time-travel at the Southern Trilogy

Yes, you can find white-columned antebellum mansions in Atlanta—just not in the city proper. Barrington Hall is one of three antebellum homes that belonged to Roswell’s founding families and are now house museums marketed as “A Southern Trilogy.”


No genre of restaurant may be trickier to pull off in Atlanta than the wine bar. It doesn't quite jibe with our character. In walking cities like New York and San Francisco, where wine bars flourish, they pop up as small, intimate hangouts—boozy versions of coffeehouses—or transform into cheffy showcases that glamorize charcuterie and dote on obscure wine varietals from France and Italy.

In driving cultures like Atlanta, where we tend to hunker down at one establishment for the night, light bites like salumi and cheese plates alongside glasses of Prosecco or Pinot Noir don’t suffice: We require heftier sustenance. Even Inman Park’s tiny Krog Bar, which serves forty to fifty wines by the glass, began in 2005 with a simple menu including chicken liver pâté and finger sandwiches but eventually wove stouter dishes like seared duck and garlic shrimp into the mix as well.

Roswell’s state Senator argues for drug testing the world!

In yesterday's big AJC story about Georgia's constitutionally questionable new bill requiring drug tests for welfare recipients, one of the bill's sponsors defended the bill thusly:

Hot Shop: Vintage & Vogue

Historic Roswell’s newest addition, the consignment shop Vintage & Vogue, sells retro pieces from bygone eras (the “vintage”) alongside contemporary styles from prominent designers (the “vogue”).

Eating Around: Super Bowl spots, Haiti fundraiser, and Street Food

Every week, we give you a calendar of upcoming dining events to help you navigate the week’s culinary festivities. Since next week’s calendar will be dedicated to Valentine’s Day, this week we’re giving you a peek at the coming two weeks in food, including where to go for Super Bowl Sunday. Monday, February 1 INC. STREET FOOD OPENS Roswell’s IN

Online restaurant review: Moksha in Roswell

If the Indian restaurants of metro Atlanta (and the nation, and the world) would accept one word of advice from me, I would plead this: specialize. If you have cooks from India, utilize them. Encourage them to cook the dishes of their region with pride, and to teach them to the other cooks. Do not force them to churn out mind- and palate-numbing “crowd pleasers.” The crowd will ultimately be much more pleased to eat something specific and unfamiliar but alive to the mind and hands of the cooks. No more DOA versions of chicken tikka masala or saag paneer, please.

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