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In a new documentary, a Pulitzer-winning Atlanta journalist examines the integration of his own Mississippi public school

The Georgia State University professor is tackling a story very close to home as writer and producer of a new documentary, The Harvest. Debuting September 12 on PBS’s The American Experience, The Harvest explores the story of first integrated public school class in Leland, Mississippi, of which Blackmon was a part of. The film is produced by prolific Oscar-nominated filmmaker and producer Sam Pollard (Citizen Ashe, Black Art: In the Absence of Light), who also worked on the documentary adaptation of Blackmon's Pulitzer-winning book, Slavery by Another Name.
Maynard Jackson

A new documentary on Maynard Jackson delves deep into the struggles and scrutiny of Atlanta’s first black mayor

It’s now been 15 years since Maynard Jackson’s death, but the issues explored in the new documentary film about his life—the city’s fraught racial history, the expectations placed on a black mayor, the scrutiny on minority contracts for city business—feel very relevant today.

Maynard Jackson documentary in the works

With his 1973 election as Atlanta mayor, Jackson became the first black person to hold that role, and the first black mayor of any major Southern city.

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