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Santa's Fantastical Atlanta

In Sandy Springs, Santa’s Fantastical is an Instagrammer’s Christmas dream

Reminiscent of the Museum of Ice Cream and Color Factory concepts in New York and Miami that have flooded many social media feeds, Santa’s Fantastical is divided into themed rooms with interactive components. It opens in Sandy Springs on November 16.
What it's like to be Santa

The beard is real: 10 things you didn’t know about being a professional Santa

How much does the suit cost? Is the beard real? We spoke to three of Atlanta's professional Santas to find out what it takes.
Jeff Roffman Crying Kids Santa

These tearful Santa photos capture a moment many parents know too well

The kids in Jeff Roffman's Christmas photos are not happy. All dolled up, they've been brought to Santa's workshop to sit on the big guy’s lap, smile, and tell him what they want for Christmas. Instead, they scream, cry, or run away in terror. And poor Santa grimaces and pouts right along with them.

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