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Drew Belline’s $10,000 Barbecue Sauce

This North Carolina–style vinegar-based sauce recipe, passed down from Drew Belline’s grandmother, is a basic condiment among his family members and is always on hand for seasoning barbecue and all types of pork dishes.

Caramel Brandy Sauce

Kim Douds of Hickory Flat serves this sauce with her Rustic Peach Cider Apple Pie, but you could also serve it over baked apples, bread pudding, or just vanilla ice cream.

Mushroom Sauce

Make this simple sauce when you want to dress up crepes, potatoes, rice, or our Herbed Grits Cakes With Garlicky Greens. You can also use it as a sauce for pasta.

Meatloaf with Tomato Sauce

From "Mary Mac's Tea Room" by John Ferrell. A very good, hearty meatloaf re-created in Mary Mac's kitchen by Flora Hunter for more than thirty-five years — and it is as popular as ever.

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