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High on the Vine: My favorite wines of 2013

This year I explored more wine shops and delved into more wine lists than my wallet preferred. As happens when one delves into any subject matter seriously, patterns start to emerge. You notice certain bottles and varietals cropping up around town both on store shelves and on restaurant menus. You know when a distributor is trying to move product by selling cases of wine at discounted prices to various shops (queue an email from multiple wine shops alerting you to a special deal). You also know when you're drinking something that nobody else carries.

Eclectic selection debuts at Savor Wine Boutique

When Kyla Cox of Kirkwood’s newest wine shop, Savor Wine Boutique, said she would be stocking wine from Georgia, I secretly hoped that she was referring to the country. I didn’t even know if the country made wine, but I assumed that whatever grapes were there had to be better than anything from *this* Georgia.

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