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Michael Stipe

R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe: “I was a photo student before I was a music fan.”

Though he’s best known as the thoughtful, politically-outspoken lead singer of R.E.M., Michael Stipe has long nurtured a fertile side career as a music and film producer, artist, and photographer. He'll discuss his photography as the Marquee Speaker for this year’s Atlanta Celebrates Photography.

Room author Emma Donoghue on her latest novel, The Wonder

Irish novelist Emma Donoghue became an international sensation with Room, a New York Times bestseller-turned-Oscar-winning film. She'll speak about her book in Athens and Atlanta this week.

Repurposed Event Space: SCADShow

In Savannah, SCAD has staked out a one-time flour factory, a revamped theater, and an 1890s armory. Although it’s been in Atlanta for less than a decade, the university’s on a similar campaign to repurpose structures here.

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