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Groundbreakers 2016

Emory’s Carlos Museum and Booth Western Art Museum

The Museum Moments tour at Emory’s Carlos Museum is designed for people with dementia or early Alzheimer’s (family and caregivers are also welcome).
Groundbreakers 2016

Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen

When Tom Wargo was volunteering with needy metro residents, he noticed older clients would give much of the free food they received to their pets.
Groundbreakers 2016

East Lake Commons

Located on 20 acres just a few miles east of downtown, East Lake Commons is a community built around intergenerational cohousing and shared resources.
Atlanta Magazine Groundbreaker Awards

Ageless interAction

Founded by Georgia State alum Meagan Jain in 2012, Ageless interAction promotes social relationships between millennials and adults over 65.

Elderburbia: Why aging in Atlanta is hard

Subdivisions and urban sprawl aren't too kind to an aging population. Being car-dependent puts a damper on seniors who want to be able to walk or take public transit around their homes to get out and about. A workshop here Friday will center on what we could and should be doing to help seniors live here more easily.

AARP expo hits Atlanta this week

Starting today, more than 13,000 seniors will descend on downtown Atlanta for the AARP national expo, called Life @50+, featuring seminars, more than 215 vendors and exhibits, and concerts.

Growing old in Georgia

Georgia isn't necessarily a great place to grow old. When it comes to senior's health, we rank 43rd in a new ranking. The report takes into account nearly three dozen factors including physical inactivity, obesity, insurance coverage for medications, self-reported health status, and hospital readmission rates.

Doctors over-drugging older adults

A study of more than 6 million seniors in the U.S. found that 21 percent are prescribed at least one "high risk" medication. These prescriptions are a lot more common in the South, among women, and in poorer areas.

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