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3. Masterpiece

As long as Rui Liu's fermented long beans with “streaky pork” and fish braised in chili oil are on the menu, Masterpiece's crowds won’t wane.

You need to eat at the Jusgo Supermarket food court in Duluth

It's been a while since something got me as excited as I was during my visit to Jusgo Supermarket, which took over a former Babies "R" Us in Duluth. The food court has several types of Chinese cuisine that are rare finds in Atlanta.

There’s truth in advertising at Yummy Spicy on Buford Highway

The new Chinese restaurant delivers excellent Sichuan cuisine ITP—supple wontons in chili oil, a signature chicken dish that resembles chicharrones, and a crispy blue crab worth digging your chopsticks into.
Christiane Chronicles

The Christiane Chronicles: Brunch is a cult, and why Ri Liu is the new master of Sichuan

Brunch is a cult, really, a religion established by greedy restaurateurs who charge criminal prices for weak mimosas and mostly generic slop. Plus, why Atlantans should follow chef Ri Liu.

Yvonne Gu on closing Gu’s Bistro and moving in-town

Gu’s Bistro on Buford Highway closed last Friday faster than you could say “hot pot.” The move was sudden for Atlanta’s Sichuan darling—announced via email and on Facebook—and the reaction, not surprisingly, was one of tongue-numbing shock. Yesterday I met with Yvonne Gu and her husband, Zahed, in front of their new stall at Krog Street Market to ask why we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to Zhong-style dumplings and tea-smoked duck. The two stressed that the closing wasn’t a reaction to an emergency and that they’ve been thinking about moving to a new location for a while.

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