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Vicki Powell

DJ Vicki Powell on queer nightlife, a changing Atlanta, and the art of throwing a party

"I got into DJing because I was an introvert—really shy. But I loved nightlife, and I loved going to Backstreet. I just couldn’t quite find my groove. But once I figured out that I could throw a party with a DJ booth around me, I was like, 'Oh, it’s on now.'"
The Painted Duck Atlanta

10 Best Things to Do After Midnight in Atlanta

Karaoke at FamFam, roller skate at Golden Glide, relax at Jeju Sauna, go bowling at Painted Pin, go to a strip club—the list goes on.

My Hidden History

I thank god every day for the fact that I have no recorded history before the age of twenty-nine. I consider it a huge plus. And when I say “recorded” history, I mean the kind you can Google.

46. Explore Edgewood Avenue on a Saturday

Fortify yourself with a basket of chicken at Harold’s Chicken & Ice Bar—and don’t forget the hot sauce.

Ben Stiller talks ping pong at Sister Louisa’s Church on Jimmy Kimmel

Over the past few years, Atlanta's restaurants and bars have been adding something new to the menu: games. At Leon's Full Service and Empire State South, there's bocce ball. At Sister Louisa's Church, Victory Sandwich Bar, No. 246, and a few other spots, they play ping pong. The newest addition I've seen is a three hole putt-putt course at the Optimist and Oyster Bar.

Sister Louisa’s Church vandalized, owner says the bar was targeted

In the early morning hours today, vandals attacked Sister Louisa’s Church, a bar at the corner of Edgewood and Boulevard in the Old Fourth Ward. Owner Grant Henry says that front windows and doors were broken, liquor bottles smashed, and beer taps were left running but that nothing was stolen, including cash and valuables left in open view. Damages are estimated at $3,000. “This doesn’t have anything to do with a break in,” Henry says. “It was definitely targeted.”

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