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Enjoy lake life in the quaint town of Mount Dora, Florida

With 1,400 lakes and an elevation 184 feet above sea level, the Central Florida town was dubbed the “Land of Lakes and Hills” by early promoters.

Letter from the Editor: Small-town charm

Editor-in-Chief Kevin Benefield shares the how and why behind "Small Towns of the South."

Immerse yourself in history in Edenton, North Carolina

To this day, it feels a little more New England than Old South.

Experience true Southern hospitality in Water Valley, Mississippi

In many ways, downtown Water Valley seems like a time capsule from the early twentieth century.

Fairhope, Alabama offers golf, galleries, and grub

Alabama didn’t end up with much oceanfront, but the towns tucked along Mobile Bay provide enough culture, architecture, and good food that visitors don’t miss the white sand. Fairhope, on the eastern side of the inlet, is just five hours or so from Atlanta and in some ways has more in common with Highlands, North Carolina, than sand-and-surf destinations like Panama City Beach.

August 2013: Small Towns

We sent three writers in three different directions—northwest, east, and south—from the heart of Atlanta to search for the soul of Georgia, in 22 small towns.

August 2013

You can be sure you’re from a small town if you know at least five people from there not by their birth names but by whatever alias they were anointed with over the years.

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