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Jim Lane

What it’s like to survive a deadly snakebite

Those snakes, they’ll lie underneath blueberry bushes and catch birds as they come in to pick berries. He was probably just lying there asleep, digesting birds, and I walked up and scared him.

Preview: Zoo Atlanta’s new Scaly Slimy Spectacular reptile exhibit goes high-tech

When Scaly Slimy Spectacular opens on Thursday, Zoo Atlanta will not only show off their new reptile and amphibian house, but also a slick new way to learn about the 100 snakes, frogs, turtles, and lizards that make up the exhibit.

Save the Bats! (Not to mention the bees and the snakes)

A decline in bats—a population depletion of 6 million since 2006—leaves quite a large dent in natural insect extermination and presents an interesting research opportunity for scientists like Georgia State's Christopher Cornelison.

Caution! How to deal with common fears on Georgia trails

Best tips for dealing with your biggest fears on a Georgia hike. (Spoiler alert: Most of these occurrences are pretty unlikely.)

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