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Atlanta’s Guardians Football Club brings together players from around the world

If it seems like the Guardians club is the soccer pitch version of the United Nations, that’s by design. The club was started in 2014 by Jason Brooks, a 33-year-old player, coach, and die-hard fan who was bothered that—even in heterogeneous Atlanta—soccer tended to break down along racial or socioeconomic lines.
Where to play soccer in Atlanta

Your guide to soccer leagues in Atlanta

Whether you’re looking for serious play, a social club, or the perfect team for your family’s littlest kicker, there’s a soccer league for you. Here, a round-up of programs in Atlanta.
Kelly O'Hara

It’s time pro women’s soccer teams felt the love

When a reporter in 2003 told Atlanta Beat coach Tom Stone that young girls in the metro area were crying because the team was shutting down, his was a caustic response. “If more of those girls’ parents had brought them to our games,” he said, “they wouldn’t be crying today.”

Soccer in the Streets brings the game to MARTA’s Five Points station

With funding from Atlanta United FC (by way of the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation), nonprofit Soccer in the Streets unveiled the first pitch built at an urban transit station. Sanjay Patel, the creator of Station Soccer, hopes to build nine more and create a league.
Fugees Academy

Soccer is a uniting force at Fugees Academy

Soccer, Fugees Academy founder Luma Mufleh says, “defines the shape of our academy. Being involved in sports, playing on a team—that crashes all barriers, including language. In some ways, it is magical. Whether they’re good or not is irrelevant."
Soccer mom lament

The Soccer Mom’s Lament

I could easily say that, with sports, my parents’ model of loving detachment was good enough for me, so it’s good enough for my kid. But I can’t deny there’s a system in place that measures a parent’s love for her child by how often that parent shows up. The kids didn’t create this system. We did.
Soccer Manchester United football Atlanta

Meet Atlanta’s other football fans

Neither Rain, nor sleet, nor early morning kickoff can keep Atlanta’s rabid soccer fans from cheering on their favorite teams. Here, fans of Manchester United—at Fadó Irish Pub in Midtown—talk about why they show up.
Atlanta United FC

Major League Style: Atlanta United team members show off their stripes

Whether sporty and classic or bold and bright, stripes dominate menswear this spring. It’s fitting then that Atlanta United FC kicks off its first season March 5 in a signature striped kit. Here, four team members show off the iconic pattern.
Atlanta United FC

Can Atlanta United do what the city’s other big league franchises haven’t?

Atlanta is a sports town, just not a unified one. I know passionate fans of the Braves and Bulldogs, but also Lakers lovers, Phillies fanatics, Alabama die-hards, and Chelsea hooligans. Atlantans come from all over and bring their exotic sporting allegiances with them.
Soccer Atlanta

Is metro Atlanta getting another pro soccer team? Investors hope so.

A group of Atlanta investors is in talks to bring professional soccer to the metro area. And they’re not talking about the Atlanta United FC.

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