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Whiz Socks Atlanta

Atlanta newcomer Whiz Socks offers wearable art that gives back

Atlanta-based Whiz Socks offers colorful socks designed by Atlanta artists Yoyo Ferro and Jake Llaurado, with a "buy one, give one" mission to help Atlanta's homeless population.
Shark Week Sock Fancy

An Atlanta company made official socks for Shark Week’s 30th Anniversary

Atlanta-based sock subscription company Sock Fancy teamed up with the Discovery channel to launch six pairs of colorful socks, featuring shark teeth, a Jaws-esque great white shark, and the new Shark Week mascot, Phin.
Charles Gandy

Design star turned Master Knitter Charles Gandy creates fantastical socks

“Who knows?” says Charles Gandy with a laugh, when asked what inspires his ideas for fantastical knitted socks. With witty names like Dancing with the Stars, DreadSox, and Eyes of March, his creations are meant to inspire wonder, not to warm feet.

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