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Newly renovated, Mary Mac’s Tea Room reopens after a two-month hiatus

Quintessential Southern restaurant Mary Mac’s Tea Room is back open after part of its roof collapsed during a rainstorm in March.
Von Diaz

Author Von Diaz recalls a kitchen where Georgia first felt like home

Puerto Rican–born author Von Diaz draws connections between her native island and the American South in her recent book Coconuts and Collards.

Rosé Bistro & Champagne Bar at Atlantic Station plans to offer Parisian and Southern specialties

When Paris native Sam Djomo Jr. visited Atlantic Station a few years ago, he was impressed with the pedestrian-friendly vibe. When the former Land of a Thousand Hills space there became available, he snagged it. Come April, Djomo will open Rosé Bistro & Champagne Bar, serving both Parisian and Southern specialties.
Snow crabs, king crabs, and lobster at Soul Crab

Find great Southern seafood, highbrow and low, at these Atlanta restaurants

From the lowbrow (fish fry) to the highbrow (crab legs and lobster), here are some of our favorite Southern seafood dishes you can find around Atlanta.
Miller Union Atlanta 10th Anniversary

10 years of Miller Union: How the restaurant challenged the way we think about Southern food

Miller Union chef Steven Satterfield and general manager Neal McCarthy have helped reimagine what it means to be a "Southern restaurant" since opening the doors to their Westside restaurant in 2009. Now, they're celebrating with a party at Westside Warehouse.
Michael W. Twitty

Michael W. Twitty: “I want Southern food to be the basis of a new discussion on shared Southern identity.”

Inspired in part by Roots author Alex Haley, culinary historian Michael W. Twitty takes a hard look at his own ancestry—both black and white—in his new book, The Cooking Gene.
John T. Edge

In his most ambitious book yet, John T. Edge explores the question, “What is Southern food?”

The Potlikker Papers is a food history of the modern South, “the South that awakes from slumber in 1955 when the cooks and maids in Montgomery step off the buses and begin walking to work, rejecting Jim Crow,” says Edge.

Southern Foodways Symposim in Oxford, Mississippi

The Southern Foodways Alliance is a national authority on our region’s cuisine, and nowhere is this more apparent than at the nonprofit’s annual symposium.

Watershed on Peachtree

At 5:50 p.m. on a Wednesday, I've sidled up to the four-sided bar at Watershed on Peachtree to wait for a plate of fried chicken. Several couples and solo diners already have the once-a-week special in front of them: We know to arrive early before the chicken runs out (usually long before eight o’clock). Many of us mastered this routine at the original Decatur Watershed, which closed last August after a thirteen-year run. There the chicken, which earned so much press it practically needed its own agent, was served on Tuesday evenings.

Its mystique endures at the restaurant’s new south Buckhead location, at the base of the Brookwood Condominium building. But don’t expect nostalgic allusions to the old spot. The move is part of a deliberate reboot of the Watershed brand.

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