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Ocean Motion Surf Co.

19. Ocean Motion Surf Co., St. Simons Island

This store is the oldest and most well-stocked (though not cheapest) source for cool swimsuits and beach gear.
St. Simons Lighthouse Museum

44. St. Simons Lighthouse Museum, St. Simons Island

There’s all kinds of trivia here: A lighthouse has operated at this port for more than 200 years; keepers were often nicknamed “Wickie”

Georgia’s coast is almost as fertile as a tropical rainforest—and almost as threatened

Among ecosystems, Georgia’s coast ranks near tropical rainforests in fertility and productivity. Its nine major estuaries (or sounds), 14 barrier islands, and some 400,000 acres of salt marsh—a third of all salt marsh along the entire Atlantic coast—connect to the ocean and each other.
Gogo jewelry

42. Gogo Jewelry, St. Simons Island

Jewelry maker Gogo Ferguson is one of a number of Carnegie descendants who still live on Cumberland.

10. Designer deals on St. Simons Island

Tibi founder Amy Smilovic grew up on St. Simons Island, which is home to one of only two Tibi clothing boutiques worldwide. Nearby is also the discount outpost of local shop Nancy.

17. Coastal Kitchen Seafood and Raw Bar, St. Simons Island

Sometimes all you need is a strong drink, lobster nachos, a pretty view, and an 80s soundtrack.

7. Fort Frederica, St. Simons Island

James Ogle­thorpe established this national park monument in 1736.
Southern Soul

29. Southern Soul, St. Simons Island

Since Southern Soul opened in an old St. Simons Island gas station in 2007, barbecue fans have lined out the door for classic staples like pulled pork, brisket, collard greens, mac and cheese, and Brunswick stew.
Ocean Lodge

33. Ocean Lodge Roof, St. Simons Island

The grand Spanish-style hotel, located across from the beach, towers over neighboring cottages.
Eugenia Price

32. Eugenia Price

Eugenia Price first visited St. Simons in 1961. Over the next decade, she wrote her well-known Civil War-era St. Simons trilogy

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