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Gascoigne Bluff

35. Gascoigne Bluff, St. Simons Island

Watch the sun set at this scenic park near Epworth by the Sea Methodist conference center.
Palm Coast Coffee

50. Palm Coast Coffee, St. Simons Island

This spot has strong Wi-Fi, live music, tasty Bloody Marys and pimento cheese sandwiches, and the best craft brew selection on the island.

Guarding the Nest

Beginning this month, typically in the dead of night, pregnant sea turtles weighing as much as a Falcons lineman will emerge from the Atlantic Ocean, spend an hour digging holes with their rear flippers on the beaches of Georgia’s barrier islands, deposit a hundred or so eggs, repack the sand, and head back into the ocean.

St. Simons Island, GA

No one would ever say it’s particularly sophisticated to serenade patrons with kazoos at a fine-dining establishment. But that tradition, performed for birthdays at St. Simons’s...

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