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Coffee labor unions Atlanta

Atlanta Starbucks workers are still working toward formalizing a union

On June 23, Amanda Rivera and her coworkers voted 11–3 in favor of unionizing—a victory that turned out to be more symbolic than substantive, as Starbucks has refused to come to the table.
Atlanta coronavirus updates

Atlanta’s latest coronavirus updates: Monday, May 4

Over the weekend, gorgeous weather and the Blue Angels flyover drew crowds. Here’s your Monday morning update.
Where to eat during Dragon Con

These are the geeky treats you’ll want to eat during Dragon Con

Atlanta bars, restaurants, hotels, and food trucks are letting loose with some cool geek-themed food and drink in the spirit of the Con, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

Starbucks looks to serve wine, beer in Midtown store

With 10,000 more locations than their closest competitor, Starbucks dominates the morning coffee market. Now, the Seattle-based chain wants to tempt late-night customers with another sort of beverage: alcohol.

A drone’s eye view of the SkyView Atlanta Ferris wheel

The jury’s still out on SkyView’s iconic potential, but the attraction—with its 42 climate-controlled, light-encircled gondolas—has served as the backdrop for scene-setting shots during national sports broadcasts and countless family photos.

Milledgeville: Hang out on Georgia College’s front yard

Truth is, most of downtown Milledgeville is on a few blocks off the main drag, West Hancock Street. There are the antebellum houses straight out of a Flannery O’Connor story, the grass carpet rolled out as Georgia College’s front lawn, the bars and restaurants lining the street, and the Gothic Revival spires of Georgia Military College in the distance.

Square Infiltrates Atlanta

In November 2012, Starbucks announced that 7,000 stores around the country would begin using Square, a mobile payment system. Since then, many coffee drinkers have enjoyed the perks that come with it, including the ability to pay using their cell phone and easy tracking of loyalty rewards. But it’s not only national chains that are adopting this technology; local businesses like High Road Craft Ice Cream & Sorbet and Octane’s PocketBar say they’re saving money and enhancing the customer experience by using Square to process credit card transactions.

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