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The City of Decatur

The City of Decatur has garnered plenty of awards for its environmental work. Last year it became the first local government to reach platinum status in the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Green Communities program, a designation that recognizes an all-encompassing effort.

An urban gardener’s dirty little secret: Compostwheels

A garden is only as good as its soil, and for city gardeners that can be a challenge. If you don’t plan on using chemical fertilizers, then your garden needs a steady supply of rich compost: “black gold” made of decayed organic material such as manure, leaves or food scraps.

Where urbanites get back to basics

After two years in the making, Atlanta’s new center for self-sufficiency, The Homestead Atlanta, launches this weekend with two classes: Designing Beautiful Edible Landscapes and Cultivating Mushrooms Indoors and Out. Soon to follow are classes in hand-spinning yarn, blacksmithing and food fermentation. If you have a single do-it-yourself bone in your body, you’re likely to find something of interest here.

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