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Lookout Mountain, Georgia

Vintage Vacations: The Southeast’s most legendary and long-standing attractions

Long before a mouse named Mickey showed up in central Florida, the South was dotted with roadside attractions and family-owned amusements. Rock formations, natural springs, botanical gardens, and menageries of animals were the mainstays of vacation fun.
SweetWater Brewing Co brewery renovation

SweetWater Brewing Co. prepares for a major renovation, adding a kitchen

While the SweetWater plans to add a new centerpiece bar and roll-up doors, the biggest news is that the brewery will add a kitchen, serving a "casual bar menu, designed to pair well with SweetWater brews."

Lather up with these Georgia handmade soaps

Seven bars worth a place in your soap dish, including one with a loofah insert, an activated charcoal bar, and one even made with SweetWater IPA.

Is SweetWater Brewing Company headed to Wall Street?

The 18-year-old institution is reportedly preparing for an initial public offering that could value the company in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Sweet Dreams

First the governor arrived, aides in tow. Later came the mayor, riding in a black SUV with tinted windows. There were state officials, city council members, and local TV stations, illuminated in a dazzle of flash photography.

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