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10 things to know before you try metro Atlanta’s first Whataburger

10 things to know before you try metro Atlanta’s first Whataburger

Two weeks ago, metro Atlanta welcomed its first of many Whataburger locations slated to open in the coming year. Immediately, it was slammed with fans of the Texas-based franchise who braved hours-long lines for the fast food burger. If you're thinking of braving the line, here are the items you should absolutely order.
What to get at Buc-ee's in Georgia

10 Things You Shouldn’t Miss at Buc-ee’s

No matter if you drive north or south on I-75 from Atlanta, you'll run into Buc-ee's, a mammoth Texas-based gas station. Here are the snacks you need to pick up, the merch you should buy, and why its worth it to visit the restroom.

The Texans are coming: Why you should be excited for Buc-ee’s and Alamo Drafthouse

Prepare yourselves, Georgia. The state is getting its first locations of beloved Texas businesses Buc-ee's, a massive gas station with impeccable bathrooms and unique snacks, and Alamo Drafthouse, one of the most-loved movie theater chains in the country.
Houston Super Bowl

The Atlanta baller’s guide to Super Bowl LI

It’s Super Bowl weekend. Your beloved Atlanta Falcons have made it the big game. You’re following them to Houston, and money is no object. Here's how to really live it up at Super Bowl LI.
Austin Texas

Destination: Austin, Texas

Austin’s twilight-lit purple hills prompted late 19th-century Texans to call it the Violet Crown. A booming music scene in the late 1960s and 1970s earned it the moniker Live Music Capital of the World. And a recent influx of young tech innovators (plus their disposable incomes) has shot it up the ranks in myriad best-places-to-live lists.
San Antonio

Destination: San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio has been called “the Venice of America” because of the river that meanders through the heart of town. And now the city, a gateway from South to Southwest, has extended its River Walk walking and biking trails to stretch 15 miles, heading both north and south of downtown.

Get away to Dallas–Fort Worth

Stereotypes cling to Dallas and Fort Worth more tenaciously than pits to early-season peaches. Dallas, according to popular thought, exists in a perpetual purgatory of big-haired women and J.R. Ewing–like men who sport Stetsons and call everyone “darlin’.”

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