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What will you cook for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving may be a holiday about expressing gratitude, but before you can sit down, say grace, and articulate your appreciation, you’ve got to compose one monstrous meal. Of course, each family has its own traditions, including additions and alterations to the standard repertoire. (Mine includes celery-laden stuffing, pumpkin bread, and a chocolate–peanut butter ice cream pie.) One of dining editor Bill Addison’s new darlings is the pimento-cheese potato gratin from The Lee Bros. Simple Fresh Southern. Whatever you end up whipping up, check out our guide to where to get everything you’ll need to eat in this holiday (or where to go to eat out).

Eating Around: Thanksgiving

Every week, we give you an in-depth calendar of upcoming dining events to help you navigate the weekend’s culinary festivities. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we’ve dedicated this week’s edition to restaurants serving up alternatives to home cooking/slaving and places that can sell you all the stuff to keep your Turkey Day guests stuffed. But if you want a stress-free holiday, better make your move fast; most of these spots stop taking reservations tomorrow evening. So get ready for Thursday, November 26.

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