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On Location: Visit the sets of 5 movies filmed in the South

Venture into the dystopian community of District 12, childhood home of The Hunger Games’ main character, Katniss Everdeen, at Hickory’s Henry River Mill Village.

Jonathan Odell’s new book, Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League, is not The Help redux

Like The Help author Kathryn Stockett, Jonathan Odell is white and writes about interracial relationships in the segregated South. And like The Help, Odell’s new book focuses on the relationship between a privileged white woman and domestic workers. But here's the twist.

The Help’s Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer open up about bringing their Oscar nominated roles to life

It was the single moment in last summer’s interview with “The Help” actress Viola Davis when she became too embarrassed to make eye contact. “Oh, God,” she whispered while averting her eyes when we asked the inevitable question about the early Oscar buzz swirling around her lead role as Aibileen. The film’s director Tate Taylor, seated next to her at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead, ended up answering the question for the two-time Tony winner and previous Oscar nominee for “Doubt.”

“The Help’s” Viola Davis: “Forgetting is not a part of healing. Remembering is.”

Two-time Tony winner and Oscar nominee Viola Davis does not mince words when asked if she had any trepidation about accepting the lead role of a maid in director Tate Taylor's upcoming film "The Help" despite his paltry directing resume. The director and stars of the film ( based on Taylor's Jackson, Mississippi childhood friend and Atlanta author Kathryn Stockett's best-selling novel) were in town Tuesday to do media interviews. The film opens August 11.

Kathryn Stockett reflects on her newfound fame

The film version of "The Help" began production in July—in and around Greenwood, Mississippi—as the book itself passed an extraordinary milestone: one solid year on the New York Times bestseller list. It was one of the biggest success stories of 2009 and well into 2010, with more than 2 million books in print.

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