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Menu: The Lawrence to begin brunch service on Sunday

The Lawrence, the newish Midtown hotspot from chef Shane Devereux and restauranteurs Darren Carr and Patrick La Bouff, will begin brunch service this Sunday. The place has already made itself known as the restaurant where Devereux, who formerly served as executive chef for Top Flr and Sound Table, has delivered his most ambitious food yet. The brunch will run every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Lawrence

Patrick La Bouff is easy to pick out among the already-teeming crowds at the Lawrence. He's the guy with tousled hair somewhere between the color of straw and honey, usually wearing jeans and a bow tie, scuttling between tables and bodies and appearing everywhere at once. He may be sorting through the next wave of reservations on his iPad, surveying the dining room for empty seats, and then bussing a vacated two-top. There he is conferring with the chef in the kitchen, now behind the bar, now delivering appetizers, and immediately at the front again, greeting new arrivals. When he sees a familiar face, his normally taut smile relaxes for a moment into a lopsided grin.

Food Chatter: A preview of the Lawrence

Last Sunday I had an opportunity to preview the Lawrence, the forthcoming Midtown restaurant from the creators of the popular supper club series Dinner Party Atlanta and the team behind Top Flr and the Sound Table. The Sunday Supper dinner, which may become a regular event when the Lawrence officially opens its doors in early-to-mid February, started at 4:30 p.m. and guests served themselves from the kitchen, family style.

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