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Best of Atlanta 2023: What to Eat

Best of Atlanta 2023: Eat

Our 2023 Best of Atlanta picks for all things food-related—here's where you'll find great sushi, sandwiches, bread, vegan dishes, soul food, steak, desserts, and more.

New Thai restaurant promises tiki bar fun on the Westside

A collection of hospitality veterans have banded together to try something new. Ivan Raintung (Mulan), Bell Chabchit (Osha Thai), chef Santi Buaphaeng (Silom Thai), and executive chef Varee "Nam" Somanee (Blue Elephant Thai in Bangkok), along with Erny Liauw and Praim Siribothi, have taken over the former Chin Chin space on Howell Mill Road and turned it into a trendy spot for dining and imbibing.

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