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Biltong Bar

Fresh on the Scene: Biltong Bar, Marrakesh, Tom Tom, and JP Atlanta

The early word on four new Atlanta restaurants: Biltong Bar, Marrakesh, Tom Tom, and JP Atlanta

Here to Serve founder Tom Catherall reveals new restaurant plans

When all 11 Here to Serve restaurants abruptly shut down in October (including Twist, Noche, Smash, and Strip), eyes turned to the group's founder, Tom Catherall, who, last year, gave his stake in the company...

With Here to Serve restaurants shuttered, a critic recalls Tom Catherall’s heyday in Atlanta

Restaurants close all the time, and though each shuttering plays as a tragedy for the owner, most move on without much afterthought. Chefs swing to a new kitchen. Servers disperse to surrounding restaurants. But when all 10 Here to Serve restaurants abruptly went dark overnight and left 650 employees without jobs, the industry was dumbstruck.

Tom Catherall’s Shucks Oyster & Wine Bar to be a family affair

Here to Serve Restaurants founder Tom Catherall is opening his third restaurant in Town Brookhaven in mid-September. Two doors down from Noche, Shucks Oyster & Wine Bar will be family-run, with Catherall’s sons Ryan and Nick taking the lead in the kitchen, his brother managing, and his daughters waiting tables.

Tom Catherall shares plans for Smash

Tom Catherall, founder of Here To Serve Restaurants (Noche, Prime, Aja, Cantina, Goldfish, Twist, Shout, Coast, and Strip), is turning 64 in May, but he’s not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, he’s celebrating his birthday Memorial Day weekend this year with the opening of another restaurant, Smash. Located in Brookhaven in the space formerly home to Stir Crazy, Smash will be an American chophouse, likely led by former Prime executive chef John McGarry.

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