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We’re not ready to say goodbye to tomato season. Here's how to preserve your summer bounty.

We’re not ready to say goodbye to tomato season. Here’s a few tips for preserving your summer bounty.

Red, yellow, big and small—tomatoes ruled our Instagram feeds once again this year. And we’re not ready to say goodbye to them just yet. Here are three ways you can preserve your tomatoes.
Home Grown GA Fried Green Tomatoes

Technique: How to make Fried Green Tomatoes, from Home Grown GA’s Kevin Clark

It wasn’t until Kevin Clark opened Home Grown GA that he came to like this Southern classic, which can easily turn thin and soggy. What’s his secret?

Must-see home and garden events in April

5 must-see home and garden events in April, from the Decorators' Show House and Gardens to the Atlanta Dogwood Festival.

5 tips for planting your own tomatoes

Everyone knows grocery store tomatoes are lame. Fortunately, according to garden expert and WSB host Walter Reeves, tomatoes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow yourself.

Cathy Conway’s collards with smoked tomatoes

The Baltimore native’s love for vegetables began on summer vacations to her grandparents’ tiny farmhouse deep in North Carolina tobacco country. On the linen-covered dinner table, collards typically shared space with just-picked corn, tomatoes, and the beans and peas she and her siblings had shelled and snapped that morning. Meat, other than as seasoning, was often absent, and rarely missed.

Judith Winfrey’s Yellow Squash with Tomatoes and Parmesan

Judith Winfrey is the co-owner of Love Is Love Farm at Gaia Gardens and the executive director of leadership and hospitality at Resurgens Hospitality Group, which includes Restaurant Eugene and Holeman and Finch Public House.

A summer indulgence: Tomatoes, tomatoes

It's a known fact that you just can't have too many tomatoes. And by "tomatoes," I mean real tomatoes—the kind that ripen in the sunshine, spend no more than an hour or two in captivity, and, when sliced, display their jewel tones all the way through. The kind you can only get locally … because good tomatoes just don't travel all that well. If they're hardy enough to survive a refrigerated truck ride across the country at the bottom of a produce box, chances are pretty good they were never worth eating.

Sauteed Sweet Corn with Cherry Tomatoes and Summer Herbs

When corn and tomatoes are at their peak and super fresh, you don't really have to cook this side dish—you just warm up the ingredients a little. For full summer-veggie effect, I like to serve it with grilled eggplant slices and a green bean salad.

Penne with Marinated Tomatoes, Basil, and Garlic Bread Crumbs

Really good, really fresh tomatoes at the peak of the season need little adornment, and this pasta dish from my all-time favorite cookbook, 'Field of Greens' by Annie Somerville honors that premise.

Fresh Tomato Salsa

"As more and more commercial salsa pours into the marketplace (heavy on pineapple and fire-roasted mangoes), there is something doubly pleasurable about just-diced onion and tomatoes carefully cut into bright squares," writes David Tanis in "A Platter of Figs and Other Recipes."

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