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Adult Swim smash “Too Many Cooks” is made with Atlanta ingredients

“It feels like I was smuggling cocaine in a condom, and I swallowed it, and it exploded inside of me.” That’s Adult Swim show runner Casper Kelly delicately articulating the euphoric\nauseating experience of having a party joke that happened to make network president Mike Lazzo laugh morph into “Too Many Cooks”—an eleven-minute viral sensation with almost two million YouTube hits to date.

Video of the Day: Adult Swim’s “Too Many Cooks” is mad genius

If you haven’t yet caught Adult Swim’s viral video “Too Many Cooks” . . . Run! Seriously, shut down the computer, toss your phone in the trashcan, and get the hell off the grid. Because once this Williams Street send-up of corny opening credits from '70s, '80s, and early '90s TV shows crawls into your ear, there’s no tearing it out. Think Lamb Chop’s “Song that Doesn’t End,” only more demented…well…at least more overtly demented.

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