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Hurricane Irma evacuees, Atlanta welcomes you with discounts and free deals

As Hurricane Irma—one of the most powerful in history—barrels its way toward the Sunshine State, hundreds of thousands of Floridians are evacuating north, along with coastal Georgians and South Carolinans. Atlanta is putting on its best show of Southern hospitality with these discounts and deals:
Star Wars Wine

11 essential wines for your Star Wars movie marathon

For those reliving George Lucas’s galactic world for the second, third, or 100th time, here’s to a weekend bender before the big day. For help with pairings, I called Eric Crane, an advanced sommelier who works at Empire Distributors (cue the Imperial March).

The Christiane Chronicles: Hashtag hatred and why shochu is Japan’s best kept secret

You won’t catch me tweeting at the table I own a smartphone, but I refuse to tweet, text, or otherwise share photographs of what I eat. Unlike my peers who communicate every detail of their lives as professional stomachs, I have no desire to share my whereabouts and “instant opinions” with a bunch of strangers.

Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits

Look beyond the warehouse atmosphere and you’ll find staffers who give helpful service and shelves that can contain some pleasant surprises—including, say, the Antica Formula Carpano vermouth that bartenders love and that’s sold out at every other store.

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