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Georgia’s Olympic Hopefuls

Of the 760 American Olympic athletes who had made their teams by mid-June—when we went to press—twenty-one called Georgia home. That total ranked eleventh in the nation and third in the South, behind Florida (forty-four) and Texas (sixty-three). Georgia has the ninth-largest state population, approaching 10 million, so we’re slightly underperforming (proportionately). Of course, medals are what counts. We’re counting on this Georgia gang to make us proud in London.

Charlotte, NC

As I sat on the outdoor patio of the restaurant Halcyon, watching dusk settle over Charlotte’s glittering uptown, sipping a cocktail made from local moonshine, oolong tea, chai, ...

Daddy Blues

Tony Rehagen is our senior editor. Learn more about him | Follow him on Twitter | Contact him

Day of Reckoning: TSPLOST

The Price of Gridlock The Texas Transportation Institute’s Urban Mobility Report calculates the cost of congestion in 101 urban areas. Among its most recent findings:

Into the Wild

In 2007, not long after getting divorced, Pat Morrin received his first deer mount. It was a gift from a neighbor. Five years later, it sits above the fireplace in the living room of his three-bedroom home in a Duluth subdivision, surrounded by some 300 other mounts, skulls, and hides arranged in alarmingly convincing poses.

Maryland’s Eastern Shore

As a native marylander, I’ve crossed the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bridge—commonly known as the Chesapeake Bay Bridge—hundreds of times, but its majesty still...

The Aperitif Hour

Unlike the American happy hour—the main purpose of which, it seems to me, is to wait out traffic and perhaps fill up on nasty food—the l’heure de l’apéritif is a sort of gentle musing, accompanied by a glass of something modestly alcoholic such as a vermouth (a fortified wine, flavored with herbs and spices) or a pastis (an anise-flavored liqueur) diluted with water.

Your Personal Sommelier

When I met Michael Bowden, I blurted out the same words to him that I often hear when people learn I’m a food critic: “Man, I want your job!” Bowden identifies himself as a “personal sommelier.” He manages the cellars of two wealthy oenophiles (who wish to remain anonymous), keeping track of 130,000 bottles of wine between them.

Wild Man

Nick Purdy does not dabble. Ten years ago he cofounded Paste magazine to spotlight the kind of music he loved. Never mind that he couldn’t play a note. Two years ago he cofounded Wild Heaven Craft Beers.

Dahlonega Spa Resort, GA

Every yoga practitioner quickly learns to love one posture: savasana, the flat-on-your-back, arms-and-legs-flopped-out attitude of rest that concludes every class. But despite...

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