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“All My Children” icon Susan Lucci discusses cancellation rumors during her Atlanta debut

Crescent Avenue became so clogged with illegally parked cars Monday night, it became a matter for the Atlanta Police department. The attraction inside the Margaret Mitchell House? Soap superstar Susan Lucci, making her Atlanta debut to introduce fans to her new memoir, "All My Life." As Intel arrived, we witnessed one over zealous fan buy an arm-load of books, vaporizing the 120-copy inventory the Midtown tourist attraction had on hand for the book signing.

Month-long TCM employee guest programmer series introduces viewers to the Atlanta folks behind the films

Emmy winner Alec Baldwin only wishes he could be Matt Pylant. What the member of the Turner Classic Movies digital activation team lacks in acting trophies on his mantle, he surely makes up for in bragging rights.

Video of the Day: Conan takes on Rebecca Black

I think we all know what today is. Rebecca Black really is the gift that keeps on giving, ever since her single "Friday" hit teh Interwebz a fortnight ago (more than 40,000,000 hits on YouTube and counting). On Wednesday, Conan took on the rising starlet, alleging that she had ripped off his original song, "Thursday," on a bit for his TBS show. His rendition mocked Black's innocuous lyrics (ahem, the progression of the days of the week is pretty well laid out) and the song's many incongruous elements (a random rapper? cereal?). Fun, fun, FUN, FUN, fun! Our bearded one can do no wrong. I don't want this Internet meme to end!

Super Station!

With O’Brien, TBS has toppled one of the last bastions of broadcast: late night. And Turner, who once tried to woo Johnny Carson away from NBC, must love that. That is, one imagines that Ted Turner would love all these things—if he were still in charge of his namesake networks, headquartered in Atlanta.

“I’m Monica Kaufman and Here’s What’s Happening”

It has been 10 years now since she slipped into town, an effervescent young black woman with a marriage, four years of newspapering and two years of television experience behind her in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, and in that decade she has built a following that is perhaps unparalleled in Atlanta's broadcasting history.

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