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25. Tyler Perry

Born into poverty in New Orleans, the media and entertainment mogul took inspiration from Oprah’s advice to keep a diary of his thoughts. He turned those early missives into a hit musical, propelling him toward success

Who should buy the Atlanta Hawks?

Learning that the team suddenly is for sale got us thinking about possible suitors.

WWTPT? (What Would Tyler Perry Trademark?)

As further evidence that he always gets what he wants (well, everything except an Oscar), Atlanta film mogul and Caribbean island owner Tyler Perry has won a trademark battle over the phrase “What Would Jesus Do?” This despite the fact that the other party, Kimberly Kearney, reportedly filed for the trademark months before Perry ever did. No, Tyler Perry did not coin this phrase. (Nor did Kearney.) But evidently, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, that doesn’t matter.It occurred to us that this could be the beginning of an avalanche of applications with the Trademark Office by Perry and his sycophants. Heck, if he can have “What Would Jesus Do?”, it’s only a matter of time before he attaches his name to other phrases. And so, we can expect the following soon:

Even teaming with Oprah, Tyler Perry incites critics

Clearly Atlanta’s adopted son Tyler Perry is the most polarizing African American entertainment figure of our time. When it was announced last fall that Perry would team with the almighty Oprah to produce original series for her network OWN, there were many raised eyebrows.

Tavern 99 touts Worst Love Story winner, Tyler Perry gets picked up and Kaedy Kiely squashes a Beatle

Tavern 99 patron Bren Allison is $200 richer this morning after submitting the winning “Worst Love Story” essay entry in the Buckhead nightspot’s anti-Valentine’s Day contest this week. Allison’s cautionary tale involves multiple chance encounters with her local pizzeria’s bartender, first at the pool hall across the street from her home and later in the row behind her at the movies.

For Better or Worse actress Tasha Smith reflects on bringing her larger than life role to TV

“The woman is stalking me!” laughs Tasha Smith on reprising her role of Atlanta beauty salon owner Angela Williams in Tyler Perry’s latest TBS sitcom, “For Better or Worse.” The sitcom’s first season concludes tonight with a pair of episodes airing on TBS starting at 10 p.m. With his latest show, Perry departs from his usual laugh track-laden, family-oriented fare to target older viewers with some serious relationship challenges stirred into the laughs.

Tyler Perry defends casting Kim Kardashian in The Marriage Counselor

As the world slept overnight, Atlanta director and studio mogul Tyler Perry placed his fingers on the home row keys to address one of the greatest maladies currently plaguing the Earth: Kim Kardashian. In an email to fans, Perry has at last responded to the outrage over his casting of the 72-day bride/E! reality show fame whore who is currently divorcing NBA forward Kris Humphries after an exhausting 10-week marriage. All month Perry's fans have taken to his Facebook and Twitter accounts to express their displeasure after he announced the casting of the rich white lady who assists the global economy by purchasing $10,000 designer shoes on camera in his new ironically titled comedy "The Marriage Counselor."

Mad About Madea

Madea, a tough-talking but well-meaning matriarch, is a caricature of the strong black woman.

Yuletide family drama arrives early via the sold-out “A Madea Christmas”

For the curtain call of Friday night's sold-out opening night performance of "A Madea Christmas" at the Cobb Energy Centre, writer-director-star Tyler Perry traded in his wig for his CEO hat. Bringing the house lights up, The Atlanta film and television studio owner asked the crowd how much they paid to see the show being recorded for DVD release this holiday season.

Christmas comes early to Cobb Energy Centre as Tyler Perry unwraps “A Madea Christmas” May 13 & 14

Are your holidays plagued with an alarming absence of drama and gun-toting grannies? No worries, Atlanta director-producer Tyler Perry has your back this year.

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